Moving to Denver? A place to relocate before investing.

We just recently moved to Denver and found out there are amazing places to rent before settling in for good. A good number of amazing buildings are either under construction, or ready to move in. They are properties with nice amenities that will make your life easier. If you decide to take a look at the city before investing on it, Gables Cherry Creek is one of them, and is the place where I am living right now. Is an eight-story building, with a good variety of options for rent, offering lease contracts that can simply adjust to your needs. It is impeccable managed by a woman who is well surrounded by a group of competent young people. Besides the property is owned by Gables Construction Group, which is as well presided and vice-presided by three women. Thus, you can really imagine that details are everywhere. I recently received a small cute box of candies, thanking me for being a sweet resident. Unfortunately the candies were artificially flavored, but the details make you feel special and welcome. In addition, the building is LEED certificate, which makes you feel you are paying for your children’s future while saving the environment, especially in Denver where trees, mountains, lakes and birds are everywhere. Take a look at their website and join me in this experience to become a denverite.