Why do we believe “Aging in Place” is one of the strongest line of services for O&G properties?

Can the baby boomers hack architecture instead of filling out the senior residences that are proliferating all over the city? Why are the senior facilities so costly? Is there a way to improve life during senior days despite sickness and physical limitations?

We believe architecture can give some help. As "X" generation, our parents are becoming older and in need of an adaptable space for them to age. Unfortunately, many of their houses were designed to be occupied for a limited time. Although baby boomers houses are spaces full of memories, our parents have no other options but to downsize or move out of their place at a certain age.

We believe architecture can always have a second life. It is relatively easy an inexpensive to transform it in a positive way. We have decided to help our community in the best way possible, and that is to help our parents, their friends, and all those who are in the same age frame, to transform their houses easily and painless.

All is in the details. What we offer as a solution can vary immensely in budget and time, but can also offer a second life for the house, and maybe a second opportunity for our seniors to enjoy their lives.

If architecture transforms in a certain way, seniors can even “hack” their houses and have an extra income. Having some people coming to their place is a pontetial way to socialize and to get to know others that are far from their social radius. It’s a way to improve tolerance, not only racial and socio-economic, but also generational.

Our parents decided they could give a second life to their garage. Instead of having two cars, they downsize to one, and built a generous accessory urban dwelling on top (in progress).

Our parents decided they could share their house. Instead of moving out of it and because they love it so much, they split it into two and now live in one side and lease the other to students or young professionals.

Our parents became too old to leave in two floors, but instead of moving to an apartment building, they adapted the ground floor to their daily life needs, and rent the second floor as an Airbnb.

Possibilities are endless. Aging in place is now a way of thinking. And you and your parents can be part of it as well.